Wahlanders Belt

SGD 269.00

The Wahlanders Belt is made of genuine leather and crafted by hand in Sweden. They are tough and of the highest quality. The belts have a smooth suede finish and a rough suede interior. These belt uses a quick release double prong system, so they provide you the security of a double prong with the quick release action that traditional lever belts have. With layers of extremely stiff leather, it will mould to your torso and help you maintain torso rigidity when lifting maximal weights. The size small belts have a slightly more pliable inner strata of leather so it doesn't bite as hard. 

Made of the best quality materials, these belts are built to last you a lifetime of PRs!

We offer a selection of belts with different coloured threading. Click on the dropdown menu above to see what options we have. 

Add customization to your belt so everyone knows what a beast you are. 



  • S: 60 - 80cm
  • M: 70 - 90cm
  • L: 80 - 100cm
  • XL: 90 - 110cm
  • XXL: 100 - 120cm

The belt has 9 pairs of holes, and measures about 25cm from the first hole to the last. 

Sizing considerations: 

1. Measure your waist in cm.

2. Look for the size where your waist falls towards the middle of the size range. For example, if my waist is 70cm, I would pick a size S

3. If your waist falls towards the further ends of the ranges, consider if your waist size might fluctuate up or down depending on your personal goals, and size accordingly. For example, if my waist measures at 95cm and I am planning to lose weight, I would go with a size L. However if I am planning to gain more weight in the future, I would get a size XL instead. 

If you are still unsure of the sizing and would like further clarification, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a consultation! 


Shipping costs (SGD): 

Singapore $5

Malaysia/Brunei/ (8-10 days): $17.90

Hong Kong/Taiwan/Indonesia: $37.70

Australia/UK/USA: $51.10

(For shipping quotations to other countries, please contact us!)


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