Toro Bravo Suede Powerlifting Prong Belt

SGD 159.90 SGD 189.90

The Toro Bravo Suede Prong Belt is 10mm thick, and made of high quality and genuine suede featuring North American sole bend leather. It features a steel, nickel plated buckle and prong, with a seamless 2mm thick walled roller.

Using a belt correctly can increase the intra-abdominal pressure when lifting, helping you to lift more and reducing the risk of injuries. This belt is perfect for powerlifting and for use in any competitions. 

Made in the USA.
IPF Approved. 

*If you are placing your order within Singapore, please note that we only offer self-collection of the belts given their weight. 

*If you are placing your order from outside Singapore, we can ship the belt, but do note that postage will be more expensive given the size and weight. 

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