Spider Tack (Competition Grade)

SGD 19.90

Atlas Stones slipping from your grip? Try Spider Tack! It's the Goldilocks of tacky in its stick and webbing. It's the stickiest and by far the most popular tacky used by Strongmen athletes throughout the world. Maintaining its stickiness in the cold and heat better than all other tackys, it goes on easy, and will improve your stone loading performance!

For particularly humid environments or if you want an extra sticky tacky, try the Spider Tack (Heavy Grade). For our athletes in Singapore or South-East Asia, the competition grade tack usually suffices, but you could try the heavy grade one for that extra stick if you like. 

Directions for use: Apply Spider Tack directly on your arms, sleeves or tape. Remove after with baby oil or WD-40. 

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