Omega Lever Bench Belt

SGD 219.90

Designed to lock down bench shirts. Built specifically for bench pressing. This belt was created to allow a lifter to get an arch without being restricted by a thicker belt. The difference between this and the Toro Bravo belt is that the Omega Bench Belt is 2.5" in width while the Toro Bravo Belt is 4" in width. 

Also good for those with shorter torsos and for females that find the regular Toro Bravo belts too restrictive. 

TORO LEVER- features a super strong alloy with a satin pearlized nickel finish. The heaviest and strongest lever on the market. Made in USA.

LEATHER- features North American sole bend leather and suedes.

4”x 2.5" Width (10 cm x 6.3 cm)

10 mm Thickness

IPF Approved

Made in USA

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