Inhale Ammonia Smelling Salts

SGD 19.90

INHALE Ammonia Smelling Salts is the strongest, highest quality, longest lasting human grade ammonia product for athletes, bar none. The exceptional design provides athletes of all types with the most convenient method of inhaling ammonia. It’s simple, all you need to do is shake, squeeze and go!


INHALE is made with only the strongest liquid ammonia, not the less potent powder form. The molecular composition of ammonia is what causes the strong physical boost, not the harsh smell, so INHALE is infused with menthol to soften the chemical smell.


The Science
INHALE is a clean, all natural product with one active ingredient: ammonia. It utilizes your bodies own mechanisms to stimulate higher performance. Ammonia is very water soluble, so when it comes in contact with the mucous membranes in your nose it causes them to strongly contract. This contraction gives you the sensation of being smacked in the face but with no pain, eliciting the flight or flight response and flooding your body with adrenaline. There are no strange compounds or chemicals, and the end result is all you!


When you receive the product, unscrew the cap and puncture hole in the foam seal with your finger. Screw the cap back on tight! Our industry leading packaging allows greater control of the product, so no more fumbling with caps when you’re most ready to go, just shake, squeeze the exact amount of ammonia you desire, and get to it.


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