Bukiya Oni Deadlift Socks

SGD 25.90

Deadlift Socks with strong foot grip which delivers balance and power!


Powerful Grip

Regular socks often feel slightly slippery which can give you a disadvantage during your lifts. What if you can wear socks designed specifically for leg exercises. Recently produced weightlifting/squat shoes are very hard and it fits snugly so that the force during lifts is used efficiently. For socks, there really aren't any specifically designed to maintain delivery of power. Most commercial socks are not suitable for use with powerlifting or weight training. This Oni(demon) deadlift socks have grip rubber knit in, so it snaps in the shoes and will maintain and deliver the power you need to execute your lifts.


Traditional Japanese socks 

Tabi-Style(Traditional Japanese Socks) socks may not be known to non-Japanese people. Tabs is traditional socks that Japanese samurai loved. The shape of the Tabs is divided between the toe of the foot and the rest of fingers. This design will allow you to effectively use your toe during movements and can transmit the power from the ground to your whole body.


Fall off prevention

Regular high-socks that are

commercially available would normally cause the mouth of the socks to fall down when performing a number of repetitions during Deadlift practice. Demon deadlift socks will strongly lock itself to your legs which will prevent it from falling down!



The design evokes an image that rises same as lifting, arranging upward facing. “Yagasuri”(A pattern resembling that of arrow feathers), which is an evoking image of arrows that Japanese samurai used as a weapon.


Product specification

Size: 23 - 25 cm, 25 - 27 cm, 27 - 29 cm

Size Conversion Table

Japan 23-25cm 25-27cm 27-29cm
UK 4.5-6.5 6.5-8.5 8.5-10.5
US 5-7 7-9 9-11
FR 38-40 40-42 42-44


Color: Black & Red

Material: Cotton, Polyester and Other fiber

Made in Japan

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