Zarol's Training Log


I will skip my warm ups and go straight to the top/work sets because my warm ups are just those normal kind of warm ups, ascending weight 20kg+ for each warm ups.

I'm currently preparing for the upcoming SSC (Singapore Strongman Classic). Hence, i do tonnes of pulls.

Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015.
Rack pulls from 2-3 inches below knees:-

222kg x 1rep
242kg x 1rep
262kg x 1rep
282kg x 1rep
302kg x 1rep
Back off sets :
242kg x 4sets x 2reps

Overload bench press (reactive slanger):
200kg x 2 sets of singles
200kg x 3reps

Friday, Feb 13th 2015:
Normal deadlifts up to 230kg for sets of singles , was working on my technique.

Sunday, Feb 15th 2015.
Paused squats:-
220kg x 1rep 5seconds
240kg x 1rep 3seconds
260kg x 1rep

Working on what's necessary and i hardly do accessories work to allow myself to work on higher frequency for the main lifts.


I'm not on any program for now, hence, most of my training are based on how i feel on that day. Coming back from an injury sucks but i'm gonna plan my training very well soon.

Monday- squats (normal)
Barbell x 10reps
60kg x 4reps
100kg x 3reps
140kg x 2reps
180kg x 1rep
200kg x 1rep
220kg x 1rep
230kg x 1rep
240kg x 1rep (sleeveless untill here)
250kg x 3reps
260kg x 2reps (250-260kg with sleeves)

Tuesday- benchpress (reversebands)
60kg x 12reps
100kg x 8reps
140kg x 2reps
160kg x 1rep
180kg x 3reps
190kg x 1rep
200kg x 3reps
210kg x 2reps
220kg x 1rep

Wednesday- deadlift (normal), benchpress (98-100%)

Bar x ~reps
60kg x 6reps
100kg x 4reps
140kg x 2reps
180kg x 1rep
200kg x 1rep
220kg x 1rep
238kg x 5sets x 1rep

60kg x 20reps
100kg x 10reps
140kg x 3sets x 1rep
155kg x 1rep
165kg x 1rep
175kg x 1rep
185kg x 1rep
195kg x 1rep (Pr)

Accessories -dragon flag

Thursday- shoulders (swiss)
Bar x 20reps
40kg x 10reps
60kg x 5reps
80kg x 3reps
100kg x 2 sets x 5reps