This is how everything starts, i was raised by my granny since both of my parents passed when i was 2 years old and my family have always been really busy with so many work and dues. Hence, my elder brother and i tend to do everything on our own, independence. 

When i was a little kid, my uncle brought me to see the world's strongest man in KL when i was 7, but i had no idea what they were doing because i was too young , i could only remember big men lifting odd and heavy objects. 

As years went by, i forgot about those days. I've always been active in school , back from primary to secondary. I used to do loads of track and fields but when i got into secondary school, i was introduced to Rugby. Played for the school for awhile till i got attached to one of the strongest international team in KL , Formerly known as Bintang Rugby Club but known as KL Saracens now.

When i was 13 i broke my left wrist from rugby, thus i went to see the doc and he told me i was too young for surgeries etc and then he recommended me to hit the gym to strengthen my wrist. I did that, but i wasn't sure of what i was doing back then. After months of training , there was this one fine noon , i was resting on the bench and watching the flat screen tv on the wall and they showed me the strongman videos ! Hence i had a massive flashback ! Wooops haha 

So yeah , i started serious training at late 15 , competed for the first time at the age of 16. I've broke several records in powerlifting and won a few regionals and international competition. I even held the unofficial one hand circus dumbbell , the heaviest pressed in Singapore was 74kg by one of the strongest man there but the heaviest i've done was 96kg and i did that before my 19th birthday. I'm looking forward to smash more records in the near future. I'm arguably the strongest teen and man in Malaysia as i've beaten the top strongmen here in this country and for every athlete in any sport, their goal is to get in the highest league of the sport, as for me, i'm hoping to get into Arnold's strongman classic and World's StrongestMan.