Clinton Lee

I started lifting weights because I was a small guy who only plays badminton and football. One day I was bullied and hit by a guy in a football game, fell and had a fits. When I wake up I told myself I will never let such things happen again, and started to build my body stronger.

I then started doing bodybuilding for a year to build up my foundation, learnt alot through reading, guidance from regulars and experimenting ways to get myself better.

One year later I was introduced to the sport Strongman and competed twice in that field. But I realized that it's not a v ideal sport for me because I was still considered 'small' in their sport. Strongman is supposed to be 'may the biggest and strongest guy win'. I do not have enough mass back then.

I only realized the sport powerlifting when I was working part time as a audio coordinator, I was DJ-ing for SPO14. And I realized they have weight categories! That's where I started learning about the sport, training hard and have my first meet, Schoolyard meet 2014. Which I won my u93kg weight category. :)

Bodybuilding requires loads of discipline in terms of the food that you eat, and time u have to train, sleep etc. It's not really the lifestyle that I love. Which brings me to strongman.

Strongman is all about absolute strength, power and size. All we have to do is to eat hell loads of food, and lift heavy weights. It's very interesting but the downside was in most competitions, there were no weight categories. Which means, I was a 95kg guy, competing w people who are 120kg and above. I was a midget in their eyes!

Whereas powerlifting, its a discipline of the big three lifts, squats, bench and deadlift. It's about how well you can make your body work, to move a weight. And it requires knowledge and skills to progress in this sport. And they have weight categories!

Powerlifting doesn't require u to have a strict diet. It doesn't restrict u from being out with your friends socialising w cakes and booze. And  this sport brings all strength athletes together, be it rugby, basketball, netball, track and field. They all need a decent strength training in order to get better. I get to know more friends from powerlifting.

I always wanted to prove to people that anything is possible. They said once u go to NS, many things change and u have to stop what u love to do. That's not true. As long as u have the will to do wad u want. U can definitely achieve. My sirs encourage me to lift weights and do the nation proud when I told them I am leaving for asian champs.

After my squats record in uzb, I felt a sharp pain on my left back, but I ignored the pain and fight on because right at that moment, all I was thinking about was not to let my love ones down, those who believe and looked up to me down. And most importantly I must not let my nation down. This is where I am born. Singapore. And I must carry the flag and bring Singapore glory. Sing my anthem loud and with pride.

Luckily, my vocation allows me to leave camp at 5.30pm and go home, only to report back to camp the next day at 7am.  I used this time to train and also help people out in my gym, Elevate strength and conditioning , giving them tips and training them to be stronger.

Time is always my enemy, reporting to camp at 7am, working as a vehicle technician in the army. I end my day everyday at 11pm. And reach home at 12am. Slept around 1am and have to wake up at 5.30am so as to report to camp on time. It's all about how much commitment and effort u want to put in. How much sacrifice u willing to make to achieve what you want.

I tell myself I can do it, even when I felt like shit, I had my love one, my girlfriend who always supported me and give me the moral support to keep going on. Loads of credits to her. :). 

When I just enlisted to the army. Back then I was getting ready for a local meet which can potentially bring me to Asian champs 2014. But I got the letter that I have to serve in two weeks. I thought all my dreams are crushed.

But I look at things on the bright side, never gave up on what I love. I endured my 2 weeks confinement. And after which train twice a week on Sat n Sundays before booking in again.

It's until when I go to my unit, which is luxurious enough for me as I can get to go back home and report the next day. Therefore taking this opportunity to train in the evenings. 

Due to time constraints, I mainly focus on the three lifts, squats, bench and deadlift. Because I also always believe what Bruce Lee said. Train a punch 1000 times, rather than knowing 1000 different punches.

With only 1.5hours of training everytime, I do volume sets for my lifts, strategically program the things I need to work on, so that I won't over train or even undertrain in my training days. This is where knowledge is important, with good programming, comes good rewards.

I can only eat camp food during the day, but after training I will always refeed myself w good food, loads of meat and drink milk to promote recovery after training. Do what I have and what I can.

If there's a will, there's a way. I constantly look for sponsors. Talk to friends and family. And luckily I can them, who believe in my abilities. And I prove it well on my comp day itself.

Powerlifting doesn't require u to have perfect genetics, just commitment, discipline, keep your egos down and learn from everyone.

I have actively help out in elevate,  running their strength classes , most of my students are studying and young. They are quite committed to the sport, and my role is always to teach them the correct techniques, motivate them to do better. And inspire them to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

I also want to take this opportunity to help promote the sport, I am willing to share my knowledge anytime as long as they want to.

I don't have a role model in generally. But I only believe to be a better version of myself everyday. Learn as much as you can, improve and never do things that u will regret for the rest of your life.