Chew Feng Yi


My name is Feng and I am a 28-year-old civil servant from Singapore. I am am ranked as an Elite-level powerlifter under the Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA), in the Female under-52kg class. However, my approach to fitness spans far beyond just powerlifting, and I continue to aspire towards being a holistic, well-rounded athlete. I first competed in canoeing, dragonboat and rowing, and currently compete in powerlifting, CrossFit and running. I intend to take part in physique competitions in the near future as well. For me, I have always strove to strike a balance between functional athleticism and aesthetics.

My love affair with all things related to fitness began when I joined my junior college’s canoeing team back in 2013. I derived great satisfaction, both physically and mentally, from pushing my body to its limits (breaking it down so I could build it back up). After junior college, I spent a year on the novice varsity crew team at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, which exposed me further to strength and conditioning programming at a collegiate level, and helped greatly in building my capacity as an athlete.

Subsequently, I discovered CrossFit in 2007 and was immediately hooked as it was founded on the principles of functional movement and overall athleticism. I went on to compete in a number of CrossFit competitions, most significantly the 2009 CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA, as well as the 2012 CrossFit Games Asia Regionals where I placed 3rd overall.

Currently, my training is predominantly geared towards powerlifting. Despite this, I also continue to take part in CrossFit competitions, runs, races and other multi-sport events. I fervently believe that overall athleticism is important and continue to work towards being able to lift heavy, run fast, and look good in the process -- all simultaneously. I am holding a full-time job as an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces. Undoubtedly, there are challenges when it comes to balancing my training and competition with my work commitments and personal life. However, fitness is an overarching passion and interest of mine, and I go to great lengths to ensure that I am able to devote the necessary time to the respective areas of my life. Fitness has also proven to be a very useful tool that I can draw upon when it comes to motivating the men that I lead and inspiring my peers around me.


Ranked as an Elite Lifter under the Global Powerlifting Alliance Raw Classification Standards in the Female U52kg category (Sept 2014)

2014 SinCity CrossFit Invitationals – 1st

2014 Civil Service Run -- 5th (Women's 10km)

2014 SAFRA Singapore Bay Run -- 4th (Women's 10km)

2014 Singapore Powerlifting Alliance 2014 (U52 kg category) – 1st (total lift 305 kg)

2014 Women’s Bench Press Rep off (57.5 kg) – 1st (Bench pressed 26 kg for 56 reps in 2


2014 Women’s Squat Rep off (57.5 kg) – 1st (Squatted 57.5 kg for 68 reps in 3 minutes)

2014 Schoolyard Meet – Powerlifting Competition (U57 kg category) – 1st (total lift


2012 Again Faster & CrossFit Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Challenge — 3rd

2012 Ranked No.1 in Asia for Crossfit Open

2012 Asia Crossfit Regionals 3rd Place

2011 IPL World Powerlifting, Bench Press, and Deadlift Championships(U56kg)(Las

Vegas, NV, USA) — 1st ( total lift 307.5 kg)

2011 Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Challenge — 2nd

2011 CrossFit Northside (Redcliffe, QLD, Australia) Bayside Challenge — 1st

2011 CrossFit King (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Super Sprint Challenge — 1st

2011 CrossFit Toowoomba (Toowoomba, QLD, Australia) Brass Monkey Challenge —


2009 CrossFit Games Finals (Aromas, CA, USA) — 65th

2009 CrossFit Games Midwest Regionals (Columbus, OH, USA) — 2nd


2015 Arnold Classic Australia (Melbourne, VIC 13 -15 Mar, 2015)

National Raw and Equipped Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships

- Will be competing in both the Female U52kg Raw Powerlifting (Squat, Bench

Press, Deadlift) and Female U52kg Bench Press Only events.