Bryan Tan


Bryan Tan


Bryan has been an athlete his whole life, from track in primary school, then venturing to pole vaulting, kayaking, dragon boat, then Brazilian Ju-jitsu (BJJ). He was first exposed to the barbell when he started Crossfit (yes, you heard right) in 2007, and is self-coached when it comes to technique and programming. He turned powerlifter just last year, 2013, when he decided to enter the Singapore Powerlifting Open. 

Currently 172 cm and weighing 83 kg, his best gym lifts are a 225 kg squat, 150 kg bench and 264 kg deadlift. His best competition lifts from his last meet, the Schoolyard Meet 2014, was a 222 kg squat, 135 kg bench, and 260 kg deadlift. All that while organizing the meet and on less than 4 hours of sleep! His goal is to total 700 kg in the next year. 

His favourite lift is the squat. In his own words, "nothing like having some heavy-ass weight sitting on your back". 

Outside of the gym, Bryan is a Tech Analyst with JP Morgan, and he also enjoys eating whatever makes him happy, like prata, ice-cream, stingray and fried chicken, unless he needs to cut weight for a competition. 

Bryan's favourite gym accessory is his EliteFTS Old School straps, and apart from that, he carries a hefty gym bag filled with his SBD knee sleeves, Metal Black wrist wraps, Inzer 10mm forever lever belt, Adipowers and thin-soled Chucks. 

On what motivates him: "I hate losing. So when i’m tired, I just think about every other person out there training and ask myself if any shits will be given." 

At the recent Singapore Powerlifting Alliance Championships held on 6-7 September 2014 at SMU, Bryan scored a total of 587.5kg with his 215kg squat, 137.5kg bench and 266kg deadlift. 

Bryan will next be representing Singapore at the Global Powerlifting Alliance Worlds in Sydney, Australia on 21 - 24 November 2014.