About Us

Our Story

Ferocity was founded in early 2014 to solve a simple problem - quality strength gear manufactured outside the region was not readily available to lifters here. It was overwhelming, inconvenient and took too damn long to reach. Furthermore, we would be lucky to find someone with all the gear that we wanted to purchase, let alone have a chance to try or exchange. Thankfully, after some legwork and discussions with various gear manufacturers as well as top athletes in the regional strength scene, we managed to source the best strength gear and equipment, making them readily available to lifters in Singapore and the region.

Our Values

Passion, Dedication & Inspiration. No words ring truer when describing the lifter that chooses to improve themselves in both body and mind. 

When it comes down to training to be stronger and better, lifters like you and I are passionate about what we do. We love lifting heavy shit. We love sharing knowledge and information, celebrating PRs and sympathizing with the PR attempts that almost made it. In spite of setbacks, injuries, and in spite of what everyone else thinks, we still lift - day in, day out. 

At Ferocity, we love how the strength community comes together to cheer and inspire one another. Your journeys may start out alone, but will at some point get intertwined with others. We continuously seek this inspiration from the community in understanding what works for different types of lifters from the myriad of disciplines. 

Ferocity recognises and celebrates these qualities in lifters like you, and we are dedicated to supporting the strength community, regardless of whatever discipline(s) you may choose to pursue. No one quite understands you like a fellow lifter does. We believe YOU can do great things and we’ll be right here with YOU on YOUR journey.

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