Training Log: 8 Feb 2015 February 10 2015

Good week of training. It's been (and will continue to be) challenging at work -- I've been posted to a new appointment and suddenly have lots on my plate to deal with -- but training continues to be one of the top priorities in my life and I always look forward to it. To be honest, I find training incredibly cathartic. Yes, I know, I'm odd. 
Just a glimpse into what I did today -- 
Sunday, Feb 8
2” Deficit Deadlift  
1x4 at 130kg, 3x5 at 120kg
I pull conventional-style, and I've found that the deficit deadlifts have really taught me how to use my legs to initiate the drive off the ground. All the sets felt smooth. 
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 
3x15 at 16kg
Kept it at a RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of 7 with these dumbbell presses. Nothing like a good ol' chest pump. :P
1-Arm Dumbbell Row
3x20 at 24kg
Never underestimate the power of high-rep dumbbell rows in leaving you pretty damn breathless!
Finished off with a quick metabolic conditioning workout that ran as follows:
25 Deadlifts (70kg)
25 Handstand Push-ups
100 Double-Unders
Took me 5:33
Do follow along as I continue to post more about my training and thoughts!