Strength Bites: Andy Bolton November 12 2014


Andy Bolton was the first man who ever broke the 1000 pound barrier in the deadlift with his lift of 1,003 lbs in 2006. Since then, he has surpassed his record with a pull of 1,008 lbs in 2009. He has also squatted the mind-blowing number of 1213.6 lbs! He will be competing at the GPA Worlds later this month. Ferocity decided to find out more about Andy's prep leading up to the biggest powerlifting event of the year.  

Cheryl: How are you preparing for GPA Worlds next month, and what numbers are you hoping to hit?

Andy: I will be doing the deadlift only. Training has been going well, I'm feeling healthy and strong. For GPA Worlds, anything over 900lbs is always a good pull. 

Cheryl: Are you aiming to surpass your previous record of 1,008 lbs?

Andy: Yes I do, but with that kind of weight, everything has to be perfect. Maybe GPA Worlds in Australia is the place to do it!

Cheryl: Can you share a bit about your recent training program on your preparation?

Andy: I have included heavy paused squats again. I find that when my legs are stronger, my deadlift goes up, so i squat and deadlift on the same day, Wednesday. After that, I do the leg press. I have also included ketllebell swings into my plan. 

Cheryl: Oh yes, I remember in Deadlift Dynamite (Andy's book), you talk about how the kettlebell swing really helps with building the lockout and back strength. Can you share about how you first started lifting?

Andy: I started in bodybuilding, then got bored with the diet. After that I was spotted by a group of lifters who asked me to join them. 1 year later, I was world champion. I was age 20 when I first started. 

Cheryl: What is the greatest lesson you have learnt in lifting?

Andy: The greatest lesson is to never set yourself limits, because anything is possible. Aim high and you just might get there. 

Cheryl: Thank you again Andy, and all the best for GPA Worlds!